A Big Thanks to CCSD

Team Red is gearing up for the Tour in six weeks.

We had a great ride of the 55 mile course last weekend with Cycling Camp San Diego providing the support. Rob and Jo gave us some great coaching about climbing, descending and riding in wet conditions as we had a bit of the wet stuff to start our ride.

We rode the first 30 miles and stopped for a rest and nutrition break. Again we were given coaching on nutrition before, during and after the ride and we all learned about maltodextrin. You can too; CLICK

After that the route takes you on a roller coaster of some challenging climbs before delivering you to the Coast Highway. In Carlsbad just before the camp grounds Jo had set up another nutrition station with water, nuts, cliff bars and lots of other things to choose from.

It was a quick run back to MiraCosta to end a great morning in the saddle.

Next Up will be another supported ride by CCSD, this time we will be tackling the old 70 mile route, which generally consists of the last 70 miles of the Century Route. MAP

The date is not firm yet but will probably be either the 16th or 17th of April. Once again this will not be a ride geared for someone who has never tried this distance. This ride will focus on getting the century riders some miles and course familiarity prior to the day of event.

Unfortunately, Rob and Jo will have to be leading a ride in Europe so they will not be supporting us, instead they will be putting us in the very capable hands of some of their staff of coaches, ride leaders and SAG support.

Please RSVP to me at TeamRedSanDiegoTdC@gmail.com so we can plan support for the correct number of riders. This ride will be primarily for Red Riders and Team Red but if our numbers are low we will allow others to join; this will be determined about April 10th.

If you rode with us on the 55 mile ride please drop Rob and Jo a thank you at rpanzera@gmail.com or jo@ccsd.com they love to hear from happy riders. If you haven’t already, check out what they do at http://www.cyclingcampsandiego.com/

Once again, we had a great ride and CCSD treated us very well. Thanks Rob, Thanks Jo have a good trip, see you soon.

Co-Captain Ben Wojcik


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