Great Day for a Train Ride

Well, we did it, we even got Markus to the train station at 7:15am. Once again the Surfliner was on time and very easy to board. The conductor pointed out two cars with bike racks which made it slightly easier than las time when we just put them in an empty baggage car. Fantastic ocean views on the trip north, we discussed the exercises the Marines were doing and got to see parts of the coastline the train passes that you don’t get to see from a car.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, clear blue sky, bright warm sun and just a little breeze. I’m not going to go into lyrical detail about the sublime weather and streets of smooth glass free bliss. You get the point, yes you should have been with us. We mad a stop at Revo Cycles Espresso & Bicycles to refill our bottles and get a pick up from some good espresso.Nice place next time you’re in Dana Point check it out.

The breeze picked up a little more when we got to San Clemente but it was tail wind and we sailed through the state park in a double line with Markus and Bobby pulling the entire way at about 24 to 25 mph with little effort. I sat in and was practically whisked along with no expenditure of energy. I know for some of you that is not a really fast pace but we were just out for a good long ride not measuring ourselves against each other or anyone else.

We made it through Camp Pendleton with one flat tire. @bikecrave Jeff Bean flatted just before we got to Edson Range recruit area. @distractionmgmt and I went back but he needed little assistance and was soon back on the road dropping us and chasing the others who had gapped us. Now I know how Jan Ulrich felt when he did the ‘honorable thing’ and waited for Lance he crashed only to be dropped as soon as Lance caught back on.

Into the Oceanside Harbor for water and snacks and then straight down the coast to Java Depot for coffee and conversation. Some of the guys Bobby, Glen and Markus decided to pick it up and measure off from Encinitas to Solana Beach but that is not unusual at the end of a long ride. We all gathered for coffee except Jeff Rowe who had pealed off in La Costa to head for home since he was the only one to have ridden his bike to the train station in the morning.

Once again this crew of riders had provided me and each other with another terrific day in the saddle on another seemingly flawless southern California day. Check out my photos here and Markus has many photos of his So Cal rides and some video here and here.

Join us next time, and please invite an old slow climber to keep me company in the Lanterne Rouge position.


Co-Captain Ben Wojcik




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