Fooled me once

I thought today was going to be an easy day and was feeling good about that since, I had almost no time in the saddle this week. @VeloTutor’s wife was visiting from Texas and we were going to give her a nice friendly spin to show her what great guys Bobby had joined.

Alas, being from Texas they decided that the low 40s was a little too chilly for their blood. They did; however, come to Ryan Bros Coffee to meet every one and wish us a good ride. Also meeting us at Ryan Bros was @awkowal, Tony, his friend Juan and Erik Sjogren, of the Carbon Militia. He didn’t ride with us this time as he is still recovering from being hit by, you guessed it, an F150.He did introduce two of his friends, Jeff (yes another one and yes he climbs well) and Rat (that’s the name he introduced himself with but his real name is Andre Ratso Villa). These guys were strong and it was great fun to have them along. Thanks for joining us guys hope you can join us again.

This left us with an opportunity to reroute the ride.Luckily, Palomar was out because the snow level was very low and that means lots of people going up to see the snow with no experience driving in those conditions.Plus none of us had chains for our tires.

We, Jeff, decided the Half-Century route would give us some fantastics views today. He was exactly right, check out the Flckr link. What can I say it was cold, it was hot and we climbed and climbed as the route demands. We stopped in Rainbow and all of us old guys watched in wonder as Juan devoured a caramel apple covered with white chocolate and drizzled with milk chocolate. Yeah I did get a good look at it. Oh, to be young and skinny again.

That brings up a point, we had four new riders today and all of them dropped me on every climb.When are some other old fat guys going to join us so I have a chance to give up my Lanterne Rouge status.

So you already guessed I was last up the Champagne climb and was able to partially redeem myself on the Deer Springs / Twin Oaks run in to the finish. We hung out at Ryan Bros for quite a while reliving the ride and wondering how we managed two loops of this ride just last September. We also talked Tour and doping and other things. It was a very good day.

Thanks to everyone who rode today for a great ride and special thanks to everyone for waiting for me once again on the climbs.


Co-Captain Ben Wojcik




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