SDVeloSocial Half-Century Recap

It’s in the books,  good ride,  great friends and the weather couldn’t have been better. I was  in much better shape last September when we did two laps of this for the SDVeloSocial Century. I was cooked when we got back to Ryan Bros Coffee and called my wife for the broom wagon because I couldn’t face another mile of 5-7% climbing to get my heavy butt home.

Today’s ride was the largest of the SDVeloSocial rides so far. We had eight strong riders and me. @troymalone picked a good one for his maiden voyage, I hope he has recovered. @bobbygriffith made his second ride today and said he wishes he had found our group six months ago, thanks for the good words Bobby.The usual suspects made up the rest of the group @aviattorr, @bikecrave, @fittecheric, @gman92069, @rideescapade and our euro friend @cyclefilm.  Don’t forget to checkout his site to see what you missed today, everyone got a copy of EYES WIDE OPEN – The Making-of Cyclepassion 2011

So we met at Ryan Bros Coffee in San Marcos for a 9am roll out. We met another like-minded rider, OK, he’s a triathlete but we didn’t hold that against him. He rides with a group called the Carbon Militia in north county San Diego. We will join for a ride soon, I hope they make it to the Tour de Cure kick-off party.

Once everyone was assembled we rolled. If you have never ridden over N Twin Oaks to Gopher Canyon you should. Starts with a mellow climb with a twisty descent before it turns up steeply, the first +15% section of the day. At the top they waited for me and then we dropped down the steep side. If you are up for a challenge ride up this side +20% in two sections, blessedly short sections.

On to Circle R via Gopher Canyon, I hate this section of road, poor shoulder, narrow road and speeding traffic. Circle R went well, Glen rode it with me and we caught the others at the top, OK they waited for us. The weather was terrific, hard climbing without dripping sweat and clear sky made for terrific vistas on the way to Couser Canyon. Yes it’s still steep and yes I came up last where the guys were once again waiting for me.

We met a cyclist hater at the crest, at first we thought he was jesting when he told us we were all idiots. I thought he meant we were dumb to suffering up that climb but he made it clear when he said we shouldn’t be on that road at all because it was narrow and had no shoulder. Well some dander got up and told him to give it a rest, that we have an equal right to the road… He countered by wishing the roads would return to gravel because that would keep us off of them.  We finally left and tried not to let his ignorance dampen our spirits.

Glen once again helped me up Rice canyon, thanks buddy for keeping my hand off of the rip cord. At the Rainbow Oaks Market we re-hydrated and talked a little more about the hater. Then we started home. Down old 395, a very fast descent followed by a fast pace-line all the way to 76. Why we do that I’m not sure because the climb up to Lilac is probably harder than all the other climbs even though it is not the steepest. It just keeps going and going at about a steady 8%. At the top I met up with the group and onward we rolled, on another rapid descent.

At this point I was just in survival mode knowing I still had to climb from the Welk Resort to Deer Springs Road. I wasn’t the only one, Eric was having another bout of cramps and Troy was on the spiral down to bonktown. He and I were well behind the group when we reached Gopher Canyon. I did my best to pull him along the flat but his cadence was dropping.  He managed to get to Deer Springs Road, I’m not certain how, I’ve been to bonktown and it is not pretty. You certainly showed your determination today Troy, good show.

We did the usual high-speed pace line down Deer Springs Road back to Ryan Bros Coffee. OK, they dropped me at Buena Creek and I gave it my best alone as Eric had already gone solo because of his cramping. They managed about 25mph 27mph when Jeff was doing the pulling. I did catch them right at the end because they got caught at some lights.

Today was a terrific day of riding. Sorry I went long tonight, let me know if I need to write these up differently, I probably won’t change but you may feel better getting it off your chest.

Check the Flickr! link on the right for some pictures. Check Bobby’s blog for his impressions of the ride.

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